Sigillatrici manuali con controllo elettronico della temperatura.

Buste per la sterilizzazione, distillatore d'acqua, e una vasta gamma di accessori per l'autoclavi.

Sterilizzatrici ad aria calda o

a palline di quarzo.

Le sterilizzatrici ad aria calda sono disponibili in quattro diverse capacità, con possibilità di ventilazione forza.


Autoclavi in classe B e classe N.

Le autoclavi in classe B sono disponibili di diverse capacità e in diverse versioni in base alle caratteristiche richieste.


MEDICAL TRADING S.R.L is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing medical devices for sterilization since 1996.

It is the development of a family business created in the ‘60s and for this reason we can boast an experience of nearly 50 years in the field of sterilization. In the early ‘60s, when there was still no law on sterilization, the first generation of our family reated a line of hot air sterilizers, the HOT DRY series.

But it is with the second generation and the design of the autoclave HYDRA 100 that MEDICAL TRADING has become known and has gained a large market share. Still today in many countries the Hydra 100 is synonymous with reliability and safety.

It is thanks to these principles and to the experience earned over many years, that the latest generation of MEDICAL TRADING has developed a new class B autoclave PHOENIX BLU, in just two years it has become our flagship product..

Medical Trading products are sold from the dentist to the vet, from the beautician to the surgeon, from the tattoo artist to the healthcare company. All our products meet the requirements of Safety and Reliability for the operator and for the patient.

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