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CLASS N - Naked solid product

Small steam autoclaves suitable for sterilising solid, non-bagged instruments.

Although it has a limitation in the type of instruments to be sterilised, the class N autoclave has many strengths, such as smaller footprint, fast cycle time, reliability and of course lower price.










Technical Ass.

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The Hydra 100 autoclave is a class N autoclave suitable for sterilising solid, unbagged instruments. Autoclaves are sterilisers that use 3 factors to carry out complete asepsis of the instrument: TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND SATURATED VAPOUR. Thanks to the combination of these 3 factors, in a closed container (hence the name autoclave) sterilisation takes place quickly and effectiveness is at the highest level.

This autoclave, developed by our company in 1990, is among the most popular products on the Italian and world market, thanks to its 5 main qualities







Quality and reliability is the main focus of our company, and it culminates with our HYDRA 100 autoclave. The quality of the components used and in production allow us to say that our Hydra 100 autoclave lasts forever. Even today, we still receive autoclaves for repair or extraordinary maintenance that were manufactured in 2000/2001 and are still in perfect working order.

The HYDRA 100 autoclave consists of a heating element placed under the sterilisation chamber, which allows distilled water to reach 125°C. The pressure created inside the sterilisation chamber in combination with the temperature allows complete asepsis on the instruments.
The steriliser is equipped with various sensors that control the temperature, which is preset and cannot be changed to prevent tampering.
Operation is very simple, simply pour distilled water into the sterilisation chamber until the indicated level is reached. Now you can place the unbagged solid instruments in the basket provided, and insert it into the sterilisation chamber. Now simply close the lid, turn the timer knob and the autoclave starts the heating phase. When 125°C is reached, a light signal will indicate the start of the sterilisation phase. After 15 minutes, the sterilisation cycle will be complete, simply open the vent valve and wait 2 minutes. The sterilisation cycle is thus completed and the sterilised instruments can be removed.

The machine is equipped with numerous safety systems, in particular a thermostat that stops the sterilisation cycle when an excessive temperature is reached, and a TUV PED IV certified safety valve.


The Hydra 100 is a Class N autoclave that complies with the 93/42/EEC directive on small steam sterilisers. 

This safe and reliable autoclave is suitable for sterilising UNPACKED instruments for immediate use after the sterilisation cycle.

It is therefore not possible to sterilise bagged instruments and store them (purpose of bagging), but they must be used immediately.




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